WhatsApp Mass Messenger is a unique and professional software that enables social marketers to build and effectively manage a list of potential customers through targeted WhatsApp campaigns. The software does just exactly what the main WhatsApp does – sending all text and media files (including location info) plus additional features such as:

  • Custom Channels
  • Vcard with your website URL/Phone number
  • Blacklist
  • Personalized inbox for organizing and responding to received messages
  • Campaign list
  • Active channel log
  • One-click profile picture and status message for channels

Imagine the time it would take you to reach all of your contacts and more if you were to send a promotional text manually. Sit back, let’s get it automated! With WhatsApp Mass Messenger software, you can reach even more people with a click.

The package allows you to customize your message, send reminders, promote offers and ultimately bag new clients.